TEAM Alliance
RAISING HOPE for impoverished children
RESTORING HOPE through inner healing
RELEASING HOPE for developing churches

This man is making a difference...
for over 160 impoverished children!
His name is Lawrence Owino. He was born into miserable poverty. He experienced the pain, hunger, rejection and loneliness of living on the streets. Yet when he encountered Jesus, Lawrence knew that he was destined to share the Good News of Jesus and help needy children find hope. 
His compassion has been contagious. So in 2012 we partnered with him to build relationships with people who wanted to help. That's how TEAM Alliance was born.

We are RAISING HOPE for impoverished children.

We provide monthly financial support to Kingdom Champions Children’s Centre & Academy. The Centre provides two meals a day, uniforms, books, classrooms and teachers to impoverished children who have nothing.
Tatyana (pictured here) came to Kingdom Champions at age 4. Slum homes have a lack of running water, toilets, and food. The slum itself is full of prostitution and drugs. Being raised in this environment by her teen mother had left Tatyana withdrawn, mute, and unable to feed and toilet herself. She constantly wet herself in class. Like many children at the school, when Tatyana was first given the 2 meals per school day provided, she became sick. Her body wasn’t used to food. Eating every day and receiving basic life skills and education made all the difference! After a year, Tatyana is completely potty-trained and feeds herself. She also interacts with others. Her teachers say that she has emerged “out of her cocoon.”

We are RESTORING HOPE through Inner Healing.

We promote individual freedom and inner healing while speaking the Word of God with power and authority. Using The Redeemer's Key we help participants respond to life and to God as the person God created them to be. What an amazing experience it is to see people walk free from curses, vows, judgments, ungodly beliefs, anger, bitterness, etc.
(Picture: Posters are a common way to get the word out in the surrounding slum.)

We are RELEASING HOPE for developing churches
We minister at seminars designed specifically for pastors, ministry leaders, men, women, fathers and mothers. In all the local churches and homes we visit, we develop friendships with our African brothers and sisters, pray with them, and provide Bibles, supplies and other resources.
(Picture: Dennis making a point during a men’s seminar which is being translated into both Swahili and Luo.)
Are you starting to feel the compassion of God? JOIN US!

The people of TEAM Alliance, Gospel Harvest Ministries, and Kingdom Champions Children’s Centre & Academy

Jane White-Stevens

Jane is the “heart” of this ministry. As a retired pastor & missionary, Jane (and husband Rod) was instrumental in helping form TEAM Alliance in 2012, she has returned to East Africa almost every year to introduce others to the good people of Kenya.

Bishop Lawrence & Mrs. Lorna Owino

As Bishop of Gospel Harvest Ministries, Lawrence oversees churches throughout East Africa. Lawrence and Lorna started Kingdom Champions in 2010 out of an amazing compassion for the children of the surrounding slum. Lawrence serves as our partner in Kenya to receive and document all funds disbursed and coordinate our mission team itineraries. 

Dennis Chaput

As founding pastor of Open Door Christian Fellowship (Elkhart, IN), Dennis was able to help organize TEAM Alliance to keep our operational costs at an absolute minimum. Dennis now serves at the TEAM Alliance Director and regular mission team leader. 

TEAM Alliance Board

TEAM Alliance is governed by a board including: Jane White-Stevens, Cathy Kiess, Calli Stump, Char Kobb, and Dennis Chaput (Director). It is organized under the oversight of Open Door Christian Fellowship, Elkhart, IN—a 501 (c) (3) ministry. 

Our Mission

Raising HOPE for impoverished children
Restoring HOPE through inner healing
Releasing HOPE for developing churches

Join us!

Each June a mission team travels to East Africa for 12-14 days. In the past this has included conference preaching and teaching, personal freedom and deliverance ministry, large group children’s ministry, and distribution of medications, clothing, school supplies and Bibles. Contact us to receive more information about our next mission trip.

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